5 legit ways to earn free -Bucks

Considering the global acceptance of Fortnite: Battle Royale, it can be said that it is one of the best games ever created. One special feature which has given the battle royale an excellent preference is a large number of cosmetics making it easy to personalize avatars. The only sad end to these tales is that this special feature becomes accessible by purchasing a couple of V-bucks. Sometimes throwing the cash all out to purchase this V-bulk might put a strain on your purse. However, this v-bulk can be obtained without necessarily using your credit cards for purchases. Free V-bulks can be gotten through other channels such as daily logins, completing timed missions, as well as completing battle pass challenges. 

5 legit ways to earn free -Bucks

Below are 5 reliable ways to get free fortnite V-bucks

Method 1: Go to Fortgenerator.com

This is the easiest method! Just go to https://fortgenerator.com and follow the instructions. You will get free v-bucks in no time.

Method 2: win free V-Bucks from the game

This method is another effective way to win V-bulk. Although it’s a painstaking process, because the game will be played for a couple of hours to earn a substantial amount of V-bulk. An explanatory review of how to get started is highlighted here.

  • Log in: The first step to earning these free V-bulks is to log into your Fortnite account. This process for sure is a steady way to grow your V-bulk, but it’s going to take a while to accumulate so much. So to make it stress-free, you can include it in your to-do list. 
  • Daily quests: Login in and quitting so soon doesn’t seem like a nice way to start the day. You can spare a couple of minutes to complete a daily quest which can reward you with 50 V Bucks per day. It sounds like a good way of increasing your chances to meet your target faster. Right? Look at it this way. For just signing in and completing a daily quest, you can earn up to 500 V-bulk in 10 days. Well, this looks like a head starts to having a classic store.
  • Events and timed missions: Participating in events and timed missions comes with rewarding V-bulks. This means that completing a challenge within a speculated period can earn you as high as 40 V-bulks. 
  • Unique bonuses: Once in a blue moon, special challenges pop up with special bonuses. Participating in these challenges can boost your V-bulk. However, it is imperative to know that as soon as these challenges are completed, and the v-bulk has been redeemed, you cannot count on them for more V-bulk.
  • Storm Shield: Earning just got easy. For completing missions indicated in the maps, you can easily redeem 100 V-bulks.

Method 3: Win Giftcards from Swagbucks

If I am to recommend a reliable platform online, I will gladly recommend Swagbucks. Swagbuck offers rewards for not just answering surveys but for also surfing the web using your search engine. These rewards can be converted into V-Bucks in Fortnite. All you need do is to have sufficient coins, and you are one click away from exchanging them.

Method 4: Free V-Bucks on MyPoints.com

Mypoints.com is another platform that can work the magic. This platform rewards you for watching videos, taking surveys. As always, these rewards can be converted and exchanged for V-bulk free in Fortitne.

Method 5: Log in daily in Fortnite

Daily login is the most glitch-free and easily accessible way of earning some free V-bucks. This method requires minimal time and its a steady way to gradually add value to your V-bucks. I doubt if there is another method as easy as this. So if you do a job that takes away most of the day from you, just log in and earn gradually.

V-Bucks Generator: Do they Work?

To avoid fraudulent activities, it is advised not to give out any personal details to sites that claim to give out free V-bulk. All of these are false. Users end up having cloned accounts created by these toxic sites. On no account should you present your credit card details to any site claiming to be an affiliate.


The only way to find real V-bucks at no cost has been discussed. Releasing your details to any third party site is as good as giving a robber the keys to your house. We all know how they always end. I hope you find this piece useful.